Academic Information System

Study-related information in one place

ŠKODA AUTO University uses the Academic Information System for all study records. It is one of the most advanced local university information systems.

The Academic Information System (AIS) assists all our students throughout their studies – you will use it even to submit your application. It is one of the Czech university systems where you will find everything you need to study with us!

Students access the AIS system ( ) through a web browser. AIS is used for a variety of actions including study applications, registration and enrolment for courses, digital registration for next study years, sharing study documents on a document server, uploading seminar papers, registration for exams, records of study results in a digital students’ record book, submitting requests for the Study Affairs Department and more. Students can submit their requests or questions through the Contact Centre, which is a part of the information system.

You can explore the AIS portal even without logging in, even before you start studying with us!

Selection of public information in AIS that do not require login

… many other tools are available to students after logging in the authorized section of AIS

- Study schedule

- Structure of departments and related info

People at ŠAVŠ                                            

- Timetables    

- Course catalogue                                    

- Public document server

Topic-based search                          

- Lecture rooms at ŠAVŠ 

- Final theses