Dear students, dear applicants,dear colleagues,

we have been through turbulent and uneasy time. We may not compare it to anything anyone of us went through so far, perhaps with exception of the 1968 Soviet invasion which only the older ones among us can recall.That was quite different in nature in comparison with the global pandemic outbreak of today.It’scosts were nevertheless similar: unnecessary losses of lives of so many people. However, both tragedies raised a massive wave of human solidarity.

ŠAVŠ closed its campuses for students on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Employees have been working from homes, and in urgent cases only, for a limited period of time, they may go to the workplace, provided that they do not get in contact with other colleagues.

Since Monday, March 16, 2020, all lectures and seminars, and also consultations and other university activities have been organised via MS Teams, Moodle, the academic information system, Skype, orother on-line applications. Only specialised activities held in laboratories cannot be provided now. They will be organized in the form of compact or bloc education after the crises situation ends.

Shortly after the outbreak of CoViD-19 disease in the Czech Republic, we established a Crisis Task Force and focused on managing school and all duties fully and completely considering difficult conditions. We have perceived and understood the crisis also as an impulse formassive implementingof new virtual learning platforms to improve further the quality of education delivered to our students also in the future.

With the support of our colleagues from the Human Resources Department who are trained psychologists we have offered psychological counselling sessions to students via phone.

We regret to have cancelled University Open Daysin March 2020, however, the next University Open Day will come in the week from April 6 – 9, 2020 with full splend our but via on-line tools.

We know for sure that this summer semester will be one of the most demanding, and we have a mission to complete it successfully even if there are more obstacles to be dealt with. However, after the experience we made during the first days of the crisis management I firmly believe that we shall manage it and overcome all difficulties.

ŠKODA AUTO University will learn from this situation and grow stronger, act better, and aspire higher.

Keep your spirits up and let us keep all our fingers crossed!

Pavel Mertlík


If you have any questions or detailed information, please contact our Study Department.

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