Follow-on Master’s degree programme

The study provides a high standard of theoretical knowledge, which is suitably combined with practical experience. The prevailing method of seminar work in small groups provides the conditions for an intensive development of individual management and team social skills. The global aspect of acquired knowledge and skills is an excellent form of preparation for the international corporate environment.


Students of follow-on Master’s programmes can select a three-month work placement as a part of the block of compulsory elective courses. The internship is designed especially for students coming from other universities, who have not completed any internship during their Bachelor studies. Our goal is to help all students gain the necessary work experience before completing their studies so as to improve their employment opportunities.

Find out more about internship options HERE.

Part-time study

The part-time mode of study is intended primarily for applicants with full-time jobs. It is organised in a way that allows students to manage work and study duties simultaneously. The main focus of the study is independent work of students, making use of distance study aids provided by the university, prescribed literature and other information sources. In addition to lectures, the contact between students and lecturers takes place also largely via the internet and other communication media.

Lectures are conducted in the form of concentrated lecture blocks that take place on Fridays between 3 PM and 7 PM and continue on Saturday between 8 AM and 4 PM. Each semester includes 5 to 7 of these lecture blocks.