Projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, which allocates funds to research organisations to support specific research at universities based on meeting certain quantifiable criteria (numbers of students and graduates in doctoral programmes, numbers of graduates in Master’s programmes, number of RIV points in the Information system for research, development and innovation). The research team always includes students of the Master’s or doctoral programme (if offered by the university). In this case, the conditions are defined by the beneficiary, i.e. the university.


Factors influencing the motivation of foreign employees for integration in the Czech Republic


Project manager: Mgr. Eva Švejdarová, Ph.D., M.A.

Number of researchers (academics/students): 1, 3

Research period: 2019-2020

Project budget: 229 668 CZK


Sustainability in the practice of retail companies and in the behavior of Czech consumers


Project manager: Ing. Eva Jaderná, Ph.D.

Number of researchers (academics/students): 3, 4

Research period: 2020-2021

Project budget: 218 000 CZK

Analysis of selected impacts of charges for above-limit CO2 emissions on the corporate and national economy


Project manager: doc. Ing. Romana Čižinská, Ph.D.

Number of researchers (academics/students): 4, 5

Research period: 2020-2021

Project budget: 178 000 CZK