ŠKODA AUTO University offers many financial and other benefits to its students. If you rank among the best students in your year, you will be rewarded accordingly. You can also use a special discount for cars or work in your field while studying.


ŠKODA AUTO University offers accommodation and social scholarships (to Czech citizens). We also offer merit scholarships for excellent study results or special scholarships.

Types of scholarships:

1) Accommodation subsidy (provided by the Ministry of Education to Czech citizens)

2) Social scholarship (provided by the Ministry of Education to Czech citizens)

3) Merit scholarship

4) Special scholarship

Detailed information on the conditions and amounts can be found in the scholarship regulations.


Other benefits for students

The STUDY&WORK programme is run in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO a.s. and is intended for full-time students of Logistics and Quality Management. It allows students to study, gain work experience and start earning money while studying.

Benefits of joining the programme: 

  • 18 months of work experience in ŠKODA AUTO a.s. alongside a student’s Bachelor studies
  • monthly scholarship from ŠKODA AUTO a.s. of up to 5,000 CZK for average earnings up to 14,000 CZK per month during studies
  • additional financial benefit options such as the incentive programme or merit scholarship

How to apply?

• Applicants should apply for studying the specialisation Logistics and Quality Management (full-time study) in the 1st round of applications.

• Applicants should submit an application for the STUDY&WORK programme to the Study Affairs Department ( including a cover letter and CV no later than the last day of the 1st round of applications.

• If all conditions for admission to studies are met, applicants will be invited to an interview in ŠKODA AUTO a. s. (assessment centre).

• Up to 20 students will be included in the programme based on the results of the selection procedure.

If you have any other questions, contact Alena Bednárová ( The application can be completed here and then sent to Alena Bednárová.



The STUDY&DRIVE programme is available to students and their family members. It offers the same operating lease conditions as those available to the employees of ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Benefits of joining the programme:

new car for 12–15 months

• available to students and family members

• selection of different categories from CITIGO or FABIA up to KODIAQ and SUPERB

• different combinations of car configurations

How to apply?

• the programme is available only for current students

• submit a request through the contact centre in AIS to join the programme

More information about the programme is available in the non-public section of AIS or in the Study Affairs Department.