Professional Internship

Professional Internship

Student internships are an integral part of Bachelor's study programmes. Internships take place in the fifth semester of studies, mostly within ŠKODA AUTO company or other partner companies of the school in the Czech Republic or abroad and is a compulsory part of the study programme. During the internship, students select the topic for their Bachelor Theses. Students can optionally arrange other short-term internships and work placements abroad.


NEW! Internships are now included in the full-time follow-on Master's degree programmes!

Students of follow-on Master's programmes can select a three-month work placement as one of the compulsory optional courses. The work placement is intended especially for students coming from other universities, so that they acquire the necessary work experience that will improve their situation in the labour market both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Thanks to internships, students establish regular contact with specialised workplaces. The aim of student internships is to familiarise participants with the work environment of the different departments, gain valuable practical experience and apply theoretical knowledge in real life. During internships, students choose the topic of their Bachelor Theses. They maintain contact with the company after the internship in order to successfully complete their Theses.

Professional Internship Abroad


Students can also choose to do their compulsory or optional internships in one of the foreign partner companies of ŠKODA AUTO University. The school regularly provides opportunities for students to do internships in companies such as Audi AG (Germany), Bentley Motors Ltd. (UK), ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland (Germany), Volkswagen Shanghai (China), Porsche Ljubljana (Slovenia) and more. A complete list of our foreign partner companies is available HERE.

Internship Arrangements

Students can choose from a wide range of internship offers published in the information system of the school or arrange internships themselves based on their possibilities and specialisations. Students consult the actual placement with an authorised employee of the school. Internships should correspond to the field of study in terms of their specialisation.

Internship Scope and Objectives

Internships are scheduled in the fifth semester of the Bachelor's degree programme curriculum. With a length of 20 weeks, internships start in early September and usually end in late January or mid-February of the same academic year. The minimum working time for internships is 7.5, or 8 hours. Working time distribution is based on the requirements of the workplace.


Students can extend the scope of internships through continuous internships during the holidays or through arranging short-term internships during the academic year. The optimal scenario is the permanent cooperation of students with the given department that can result in permanent employment immediately after graduation.

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