Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment

The Master’s degree programme Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment is focused on corporate finance, financial management and the relationships between manufacturing enterprises and the financial sector. It is based on an understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, accounting, law, tax system and economic and financial management. Specialised courses focus on the fields of financial planning and value management in industrial companies. All of this is based on the application of modern methods and tools of financial management and managerial decision making. Special emphasis is placed on the use of simulations of real decision-making tasks. The programme also respects marketing, personal and psychological and social aspects of management.

The programme is based on combining theoretical and practical skills. Lecturers often use case studies or interactive management games to allow students to have an in-depth understanding of a given issue. Students gain practical managerial skills not only during their compulsory internships in domestic or foreign companies engaged in international trade, but also in terms of courses which include regular meetings with experts from the field.

The fifth semester includes a compulsory internship to increase the employment opportunities of graduates. Students most often choose ŠKODA AUTO for their internships as well as other partner companies of ŠKODA AUTO University or foreign companies, primarily within the Volkswagen Group, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme.

Under the Erasmus programme, students can also spend one or two semesters at one of more than 30 partner universities or in one of the Volkswagen Group companies. ŠKODA AUTO University also offers very interesting projects outside of Erasmus allowing students to choose from destinations such as China, India, South Korea or the USA for their foreign stays.

Graduates can further expand their knowledge and skills in a follow-on Master’s degree programme Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment. Given the extensive and comprehensive foundation of all Bachelor’s programmes, students will be ready to study other Master’s degree programmes offered by the school as well.

Business Administration and Financial Management is designed for analytically inclined students who would like to understand the secrets of corporate finance.

Study plan

Complete information about the admission procedures and conditions required for admission HERE.

Graduate profile

Graduates of Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment possess knowledge and skills in the field of international taxation, international accounting standards and cost accounting. They are familiar with basic methods, procedures and ways of evaluating efficiency and a selection of operations financing methods, financial analysis and controlling. The specialised programme is focused on the application knowledge of economics and management and skills in the field of corporate finance management with an emphasis on manufacturing companies.

Employment opportunities

Graduates of Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment are specialised in professionally and managerially demanding positions in the area of finance and management (treasury) and finance and control (controlling). Apart from industrial companies, graduates can also find employment in financial institutions (banks, insurance companies), in capital markets or in public administration.

Graduates work in positions such as:

corporate finance manager/specialist; controlling manager/specialist; audit manager/specialist; head of department or branch manager (banks and insurance); economic director; assistants to top management or project managers and more.
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