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Global Automotive - Can Dawn in the East and Twilight in the West be Expected?
15. 4. 2019 Zdeněk Dušek (Senior Manager);
                   Markéta Vlčková (Senior Consultant);
                   Josef Ruckl (Junior Consultant)
                   Ernst&Young Advisory; Automotive, Mobility & Customer Agenda tým

European Integration
6. 5. 2019 Jan Michal; European Commission


The position of the automotive industry in the contemporary economy
14. 6. 2019 presentation of the second year of the ŠKODA AUTO University study


Beyond Horizons: Technology and Business World in 21st Century
14.-15. 11. 2019 ŠKODA AUTO University - International Conference



Previous events:

Prognosis of electromobility development

4. 4. 2019 R. Novák a T. Kozelský; EU Office/Česká spořitelna a.s. a ŠKODA AUTO Vyskoká škola


Global suply chains and value added measurement with a focus on the automotive industry

17. 1. 2019 - ŠKODA AUTO Vysoká škola


Research Open Day - 9th year (all-day series of lectures and discussions)
Na Karmeli, Mladá Boleslav
16. 1. 2019 academic personnel of ŠKODA AUTO University present current project activities



3.-5.12.2018 conference in cooperation with TANGER

For further details see here


Draft EU budget for the period 2021-2027:

discussions, contradictions, consequences for the Czech Republic

15. 11. 2018 - discussion forum in cooperation with European Movement and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

The question of the adoption of the euro in the Czech Republic
26. 10. 2018 Marek Mora, Member of the CNB Bank Board 
Conference Integrated Engineering in Management of Industrial Enterprises
3. 10. 2018 19th Year - Intelligent Production in the Digital Economy


National Convention on the EU: Internal Market as a Convergence Instrument
Liechtenstein Palace Prague
25 May 2018 doc. Ing. S. Šaroch, Ph.D .; PhDr. J. Malý, Ph.D.


Role of the automotive industry in the EU economy - present, trends and perspectives

11. 5. 2018 Ing. Tomáš Kozelský, Česká spořitelna a ŠAVŠ

International Trade Agreements and the Future of the EU
24. 4. 2018 Jan Michal, Secretariat-General of the European Commission


The euro and the Czech Republic: is the time to adopt a single European currency?
19. 4. 2018   Ing. Zdeněk Čech, Ph.D., M.A.,
                    Deputy Head, Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic
                    Ing. Tomas Kozelsky, EU Office / Knowledge Center Manager, Česká spořitelna, a.s.
                    doc. Ing. Stanislav Šaroch, Ph.D.,
                    Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Development of Study Fields, ŠKODA AUTO College


Research Open Day - 8th year (all-day series of lectures and discussions)
Na Karmeli, Mladá Boleslav
17. 1. 2018 academic personnel of ŠKODA AUTO University present current project activities





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