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Previous events:

Creating and maintaining the value of global production networks:
an example of the car industry. 
12. 05. 2017 prof. RNDr. Petr Pavlínek, Ph.D., UK in Prague and University of Nebraska in USA
VAT - complex example
28. 04. 2017  Aleš Krempa, KPMG


Modern technologies in audit and accounting
30. 3. 02017 Tomáš Fiala, Michal Čábela, Jiří Schwarz; PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit Prague


Research Open Day - 7th year (all-day series of lectures and discussions)
18. - 19. 1. 2017 academic personnel of ŠKODA AUTO University present current project activities


VAT and related reports
1. 12. 2016 Aleš Krempa, KPMG


Preparing tax returns from corporate income tax
10. 11. 2016 Martin Jeníček, KPMG


10 Years of a unified financial Market Supervision in the Czech Republic
- Lessons learned and new Challenges

21. 10. 2016 Vladimír Tomšík, Vice-Governor of CNB


Blockchains: Value Flows and Industry 4.0

22. 9. 2016 Percy Venegas, former Intel engineer at the Virtual Factory, Intel's Global Manufacturing Network

   Interdisciplinary Conference of European integration:
The current framework of economic policy , market regulation and the Report of five presidents outlook
05. 05. 2016 in the premises of ŠKODA AUTO University
Research Open Day - 6th year (all-day series of lectures and discussions)
21. 1. 2015 academic personnel of ŠKODA AUTO University present current project activities


China is our future ? or inspired by China
18. 11. 2015 Martin Kříž, Consultant of the China - consulting companz, lecturer and certified interpreter


4.0 Industry and Economic Policy of the Czech Republic
11. 11. 2015 Ing . Jan Mládek , PhD . , Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

The taxation of multinational corporations or transfer pricing practice
11. 11. 2015 Mgr. Ing. Radim Bláha, Deputy Director and Head of International Taxation
Specialized Tax Office

Consumer Choice" Paradigm in German Ordolibaralism and its Impact upon EU Competition Law
09. 11. 2015 Prof. Dr. iur. Peter Behrens, MCJ (N.Z.U); Institute of European Integratio

Opportunities and Challenges in Language Teaching and Learning

10. -11. 9. 2015 international conference

Key-note speakers:

Sophia Butt; International HE Consultant

Libor Štěpánek; Director of the Language center, Masaryk University of Brno

Ruben Comadina Granson, Head of MFL, Senior lecturer in English and Spanish, University of Groningen
Conference programme
Do we need Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Systems also in the management?

Making Knowledge and Expert Systems.
26.-27. 05. 2015 RNDr. Eva Rakovská, PhD.; Department of Applied Computer Science ; University of Economics in Bratislava
Impacts of universities and R & D policy and legal regulation in the national and European context
Is there Czech University able to fulfill its essential tasks - teaching, science , the third role? And at what cost?
15. 5. 2015 Dr. Mgr. Aleš Vlk, director of Tertiary Education & Research Institute, z.ú. Brno
Media and Demokracy
13. 5. 2015 Milan Fridrich, Czech TV´s programme director

   EMU Response to the Crisis and Coordination of Economic Policies - Recommendations
to the Czech Republic
21. 4. 2015 Ing. Zdeněk Čech, Ph.D. M.A.; Economic Advisor, European Commission - Representation in the CR
   Research Open Day - 5th year (all-day series of lectures and discussions)
21. 1. 2015 academic personnel of ŠKODA AUTO University present current project activities