The 11th project seminar Europa im Wandel

Europa im Wandel: The second stage of the 11th year of the joint project of ŠKODA AUTO University and Fachhochschule Münster took place.
​”Europa im Wandel” is an exchange education seminar of ŠKODA AUTO University and Fachhochschule Münster. The target group always consists of 24 students of ŠKODA AUTO University and FH Münster, who work in teams on different tasks. The event always has an interesting schedule focusing not only on joint case studies, but also numerous excursions that help the students to get a better grasp of the task. Each academic year, there are two projects. For eleven years, the group of students has been led by PhDr. Žáčková from ŠKODA AUTO University and Professor Klaus Kobold from FH Münster.


The seminar had two stages this year as well. During the first stage in November 2014, a group of ŠKODA AUTO University students visited the partner institution. In return, students and lecturers from Münster came to visit last week, between 19 and 23 April. As always, the students had a busy schedule full of activities that allowed them to explore not only the inner workings of our university and ŠKODA AUTO, but also Czech culture in general. Monday and Wednesday were dedicated to group work as well as interesting insights and lectures from the Rector of ŠKODA AUTO University Pavel Mertlík, the head of the department of financial management Tomáš Krabec, and an external project specialist Samuel Weimer. On Tuesday, the project participants visited Prague to explore the cultural and economic development of the Czech Republic.


So why should students be interested in this project? What are the benefits? “For students, the most interesting aspect of the project is getting to know the student life in a different country. The possibility of comparison definitely pushes our students forward. They go to study abroad or become aware of other options how to improve their studies. There is no doubt concerning the benefit of language skill improvement as the project gives students the chance to test their knowledge in real life,” says Ms. Žáčková.


Our German partners also view the project and cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO University very positively. Professor Klaus Kobold said: “I am very glad that our cooperation has been active since the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU and that our students are able to experience new things and explore new paths of life. Another interesting aspect of our cooperation is that ŠKODA AUTO University, as the name suggests, is very closely linked ŠKODA AUTO, the Volkswagen group and Germany in general. This offers our students who participate in the exchange projects more interesting perspectives.”


A total of 260 students from both partner universities participated in the project over the eleven years. Thanks to the international environment of both institutions students not only from the Czech Republic and Germany, but also from Columbia, Brazil, Chile, China, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland participated.

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