Student Stories - Martin Dolejší, Global Village

Martin Dolejší, student of our Master Programme Global marketing and Sales, spend quite a lot of time abroad whilst studying at our university. Now he has three different experiences abroad: studies in Finland, internship at ŠKODA AUTO UK and also the prestigous programme, Global Village, in the USA. You can read the interview we did with Martin to see what he learnt and how he assesses his stays abroad.


What caught your attention about the intensive programme called Global Village ( “GV”)?
In particular it was the participation of people from all over the world. GV delivers an incredible experience in this aspect. GV 2015 brought together more than 90 people from 45 countries. The fact that I had the chance to live, have fun and work with all of them for this short time is not only a source of wonderful memories, but Tomáš Šnajdr and I can say that we are now part of a global network. GV alumni always help each other both in professional and personal matters, they often meet up with each other and the exchange of experience and information is literally boundless.
The opportunity to experience all the work and leisure activities in such a lively, diverse and inspiring environment is absolutely priceless. Another interesting aspect of the programme is that the lecturers include many experienced professionals from different fields.

During your studies, you already managed to study in Finland and work in ŠKODA AUTO UK. Now it is the Global Village programme at Lehigh University. Which of the stays abroad do you see as the best and why?
All of them were the best. Each was different and gave me the opportunity to learn and discover different things. Studying in Finland was very rewarding in terms of getting to know the international environment and applying many of the skills I had acquired thus far. Working in the UK was an introduction to the world of business, allowing me to experience the “real deal”, and specifically working at ŠKODA UK allowed me to meet a number of professionals from the field and learn from them. Global Village was unique (not only) in terms of the aspects described above.
In fact, I am unable to say which of the stays was the best one since each of them was 100% worthwhile and very rewarding.

Why did you choose ŠKODA AUTO University for your studies? What do you appreciate the most about ŠKODA AUTO University?
I chose ŠKODA AUTO University partly because of the wide range of options, particularly the offer of international stays available to students and partly because of its reputation and individual approach to students. An example of the individual approach from my experience is distance learning in courses while I was abroad. There was almost no issue in terms of organisation and everything went smoothly, which allowed me to complete the courses. The lecturers were always helpful, supporting me in managing this uneasy task.

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