ŠKODA AUTO University reinforces its international footprint with ACBSP international accreditation

ŠKODA AUTO University has successfully passed the accreditation process of the American Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, obtaining a prestigious institutional ACBSP accreditation according to all its standards.
ŠKODA AUTO University was founded in 2000 as the first corporate university in the Czech Republic and has retained that status since. The founder is ŠKODA AUTO located in Mladá Boleslav and is one of the most important and dynamically developing companies in the Czech Republic.

The faculty currently consists of about fifty academics and the university currently has approximately 1,200 students from the Czech Republic as well as 23 countries and 3 continents. International students make up about 20 % of the total number of students.

“ACBSP accreditation is clearly beneficial both for students and graduates of ŠKODA AUTO University as well as for ŠKODA AUTO as an employer. Thanks to the accreditation, education adds a new dimension and opens the path to non-European, key markets for ŠKODA AUTO, such as Russia and China,” says Bohdan Wojnar, Board Member of ŠKODA AUTO for HR Management.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) was founded in 1988 and is the only organisation that offers accreditation for education in business administration from Bachelor’s to Doctoral programmes. The ACBSP accreditation certifies that the educational institution meets all the important standards for the provision of quality business education. In some countries, ACBSP is considered equivalent to local institutional accreditation. Unlike the Czech accreditation process, a compulsory part of the accreditation process is verification of all presented facts during an inspection visit of at least three independent and trained accreditation commissioners.


The accreditation process takes at least 18 months. If an institution is unable to complete the accreditation process within five years, it is excluded from the assessment. ŠKODA AUTO University was accepted as a member of ACBSP in November 2012 and the accreditation decision was delivered in 2014, meaning the accreditation process took two years and is among the shortest. The speed of the process proves ŠKODA AUTO’s high level of readiness in terms of compliance with the highest standards of quality higher education on a global scale.

The actual accreditation award was preceded by a visit of three accreditation commissioners, who performed a comprehensive assessment of all school processes focusing on six key standards of the ACBSP accreditation: leadership, strategic planning, focus on students and important stakeholders, learning and student performance, focus on faculty and staff and management of education and business processes.

The main strengths of ŠKODA AUTO University identified by the commissioners in the final evaluation especially included its high-quality study programmes which are closely linked to practical experience; the system of dual leadership, i.e. leadership shared between a rector responsible for the academic area and a director dealing with financial matters; connection with a major company, i.e. ŠKODA AUTO;  delivery of educational content in the form of both lectures and practical seminars; a very sophisticated information system; quality staffing; loyalty of all departments to the school; quality foreign language education; links between the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes; broad offer of studies and internships abroad or clear strategic management of the school. “ŠKODA AUTO University employs a phenomenal strategy, unique study programmes with clear links from the Bachelor to the Master level, provided by a team of highly qualified academic staff. The strong link to the industry represents a major competitive advantage of ŠKODA AUTO University,” says Dr. Farah Zakery, the Chairwoman of the Accreditation Committee.”

 “Obtaining the accreditation is proof that ŠKODA AUTO University is ready to provide its students with the highest quality education in business administration,” adds Mgr. Petr Šulc, Rector of ŠKODA AUTO University.

ACBSP accreditation is clearly beneficial both for students and graduates of ŠKODA AUTO University, adding a new dimension to their education and opening a path to other markets beyond Europe.

​Mladá Boleslav / Tel Aviv 19 July 2018 – On Thursday, ŠKODA AUTO CEO Bernhard Maier, Rector of ŠKODA AUTO University Pavel Mertlík and the Dean of the internationally renowned Coller School of Management, Professor Moshe Zviran, signed a memorandum of understanding in Tel Aviv. At present, 2,500 students are enrolled at Israel’s leading business school, which is part of the University of Tel Aviv.​
​On 26 – 29 March 2018 the JEUL project partners gathered together at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) participating in the project practical workshop.
​20th September 2017. ŠKODA AUTO University is now admitting students for its new MBA programme Global Management in the Automotive Industry. The programme has been prepared in cooperation not only with foreign universities, but also with multinational companies, the Automotive Industry Association and the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  It is a prestigious programme grounded in the context of the automotive industry. Courses will start in December 2017 in the office of the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Wenceslas Square.

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