Michaela Repšová – VW Sachsen

I would recommend an internship to everyone. It is a great way to discover yourself, plus you get to learn the language and customs and most of all, it is an unforgettable experience.
Between 1/9/2014 and 28/2/2015, I had the chance to do my internship in Die Gläserne Manufaktur, one of the VW Sachsen companies in Dresden. I found the internship offer on the website of this company. Afterwards I sent my CV and cover letter. This was followed by a phone interview, during which we agreed on the basic information and the date of a personal interview.

The interview lasted about an hour and included a test of my English and German, the history of economics and basic skills in Microsoft Office. I was immediately informed that I was accepted for the internship position. Then I had to wait for the internship contract so that I could start making other arrangements.

I looked for accommodation and managed to find a nice apartment in a good location. Work was only 500 meters away, a fact which I appreciated in the mornings. A supermarket was about 600 meters in the other direction. The largest park in Dresden, which contained many fountains, statues, flowers and a palace in its centre, was 900 meters from my place. One window of my apartment overlooked a busy street and the opposite one faced a garden.

VW Sachsen die Gläserne Manufaktur assemble luxury cars, such as Phaeton and Bentley. Each floor has its tasks. The ground floor collects parts, and on the fourth floor you can view completely assembled vehicles. I walked past these cars to my office every day and admired their every detail. The entire building has 27,500 m2 of glass on its exterior, so it has excellent lighting and is more than satisfactory in architectural terms. The customers not only participate in the design of their vehicles, they can also experience all the colours and interior options first-hand. After picking up a finished car, customers leave through a different exit so that no one can see them.

My working day was from 7:30 to 15:30. However, I often had to stay longer to finish something. When that happened, I could leave earlier on other days. Initially, I had issues with all the documentation the HR department required. I was the first Czech intern there. Before they only had interns for example from Mexico, so they thought I need different documents related to travelling out of the country and so on.

My department was quite small. It consisted of me, my boss and one more colleague. I was really glad I did not have to share an open office with a large number of people. I was a project manager, or Praktikantin Projekleitung Montage. My task was the Phaeton Nachfolger project, the successor of the Phaeton, with even better features and the latest technological features. My work was very diverse. I created charts with numbers of required workers, initial costs, as well as tables, presentations and timelines with the details of production of the zero series, the launch date of the Phaeton, production start, etc. My work also involved the support of a training programme for employees, so I also cooperated with universities. I prepared courses on creating compensation profiles of electricians and electrical engineers and created all the designs of the start-up management for this car. What I liked the most was the fact that all the materials I created and consulted with my boss, were actually presented and I could participate in all the meetings and my name was in the documents as the author.

I worked on numerous information materials, presented my projects to the management and communicated with other departments and collected information related to the task. Sometimes, it was a challenge. My boss was often busy and went on business trips, so he would just call me and tell me what to do, how to do it, doI had to take on the task and complete it.

My next project was called Neue Geschäftsfelder. It dealt with ideas and thoughts of the heads of each department, contributing to improved designs, ideas and estimates related to the production of the new Phaeton and also involved forecasts of market behaviour. The project focused on the required internal and external workforce, potential new production areas, emphasising customer satisfaction. These projects were highly confidential and I could not talk to anyone about them, except authorised personnel. During the six months of my internship, I also participated in a trip to a logistics centre for stocktaking. It was interesting to experience a different company. In terms of work, I also visited the VW plants in Zwickau and Chemnitz.

I translated the German website and information terminal into Czech, so every Czech tourist can now read everything about the history of the plant as well as information about the individual floors. During Christmas, I helped with the organisation of a Christmas party for 680 people. The party and all the arrangements were assigned to us, the interns, including catering, music and decorations.

It is also definitely worth noting, that as interns, we had a meeting every fortnight, where we would introduce new interns, talk about our experience in the company and our work, so that every new intern would know what we do.

In my free time, I tried to travel as much as possible. I had a car so it was easy for me to visit even more distant cities like Berlin, Chemnitz, Hoyerswerda etc. I also visited the Moritzburg castle, which was used for the filming of Cinderella. We often met with the other interns after work, went on various trips or bowling and visited the Christmas market etc.

The greatest benefit was not only the language and listening skills I acquired here, but also adapting to a different country, working to satisfy my department, becoming independent and creating long-term goals.

I really appreciate this internship. The time spent here will always be one of the best chapters of my life. I am grateful to all my colleagues for their helpful and friendly attitude, for the opportunity to do this internship and to be involved in really prestigious projects. I would also like to thank our university for supporting the internship.

I would recommend an internship to everyone. It is a great way to discover yourself, plus you get to learn the language and customs and most of all, it is an unforgettable experience.

Our student Václav Volf travelled to Ingolstadt in Germany to do his compulsory internship in Audi AG. He worked in the Department for Coordination of Fair and Exhibition Vehicles, where he supported the permanent staff in the process of planning vehicles for fairs. He was responsible for this year’s exhibitions in Detroit, New York, Shanghai and partly also for the Frankfurt fair in autumn. You can read the whole report from his stay in Ingolstadt below. 
​Martina comes from Jičín but currently lives in Prague. She completed her follow-on Master’s degree programme at ŠKODA AUTO University in 2014. Right after graduation, Martina started working for Estée Lauder, first in the HR department. She worked her way through marketing to a PR position and currently takes care of promotion of seven world-renowned brands.
She likes to spend her free time doing sports – mostly running, badminton, volleyball and mountain hiking. Also, because of her profession, she likes fashion and design.
​Viktor Myslil, a graduate of our Bachelor’s degree programme Business Administration and Operations, comes from Prague. His passion for ŠKODA AUTO cars made him decide to study in Mladá Boleslav. He also wanted to try something different than all his other classmates.
​I have been dreaming about living in a foreign country since I was small child. This wish made ŠAVS more appealing during my “university selection period” because I learned, thanks to their Open Day and a visit from the ŠAVŠ PR Department to my high school, that this school offers a lot of possibilities to study and complete internships abroad, the latter which is important in one’s future career. When I got the opportunity to spend my mandatory internship abroad, I did not hesitate a single moment. After my Study Erasmus in Slovenia, I left to spend another semester in Dublin, Ireland to work with Škoda’s Irish importer.
Mladá Boleslav is the hometown of our graduate Ing. Ivan Vaněk, who currently works for the British luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors Ltd., where he undertook his six-month internship as a student of ŠKODA AUTO University.
​Our graduate Michal Maruška works as a coordinator in the Connected Car and Infotainment Department. His internship involved many technical responsibilities. However, in order to further grow professionally, he needed a study programme that focused more on management. For this reason, he chose the Bachelor’s and follow-on Master’s degree programme Business Administration and Operations, both which combine the two fields in an ideal manner.
​Ondřej is a graduate of the Bachelor field of study Business Administration and Financial Management and the follow-on Master field of study Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment.
​Our student Andrea listened to the advice of her classmates when choosing her internship. She also visited the Magna company booth at the ŠKODA AUTO University Career Day and she– this was the partner for her six-month internship.
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I worked in the Purchase Department in the Projects team which consisted of 16 nice colleagues who were always prepared to help me kindly if I needed it. The beginning was quite exacting as we had to manage our bank account and request all Bentley systems such as SAP, TEVON, AVON, B-release database, but everything was arranged sooner than we expected.

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