Internship at Magna Exteriors and Interiors

Are you still looking for an internship for your next semester? Get some inspiration from the story of our student David Brancuzský, who did his half-year internship at the QA Department in the Libáň plant of our partner company Magna Exteriors & Interiors.

​David Brancuzský is a third-year student in the Bachelor’s Programme Business Administration and Operations. Even before the compulsory internship, he worked for a year as an intern at BOSCH DIESEL Jihlava s.r.o. in their Plant Quality Automotive Department. However, last year he decided to do his compulsory internship in the university’s then new partner company, Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia) s.r.o. So what does David have to say about his internship at Magna?


Last semester you did your compulsory internship at Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia), s.r.o., one of our new partner companies. What interested you about Magna? Why did you choose the plant in Libáň for your internship?

Since I follow the rule “get as much experience as you can during studies”, I decided for a change and went from BOSCH DIESEL to Magna, which is a company that currently has about 600 employees and this number is growing constantly. Since I only had experience with the production of forged products, it was a challenge to do the internship at Magna since the company specialises in plastic products for the automotive industry. The plant in Libáň also makes precisely shaped leather parts for dashboards (this production method is called Slush and is very advanced and difficult. By the way, Magna has a patent for this method). Magna’s largest customer is ŠKODA AUTO, who purchases interior parts (e.g. dashboard, door panels and armrests for ŠKODA Fabia, door panels for ŠKODA Superb and much more). Other customers include BMW, PSA, AUDI, VW, SUZUKI and OPEL.


Can you describe the selection procedure for the internship at Magna?

The internship offer was on the notice board of the information system of our school. I, therefore, contacted the head of the personnel department, Ms. Šárka Mašková, directly. I later sent her my CV and cover letter, and we also agreed on the date of the interview, which took about 90 minutes. We spent about a half of the interview discussing a project that I would work on during my internship and whether it would be a suitable topic for my Bachelor Thesis. Otherwise you could say the interview was a standard one. I was asked to provide information about myself, and my studies, hobbies and also previous work experience. This part of the interview was in English. At the end of the interview we discussed the salary, start date and other important arrangements related to the internship. The atmosphere of the interview was pleasant. The head of the Quality Assurance Department was there for the interview as well.


In what department did you do your internship?

Since my project was called “Analysis of Plastic Parts Shrinkage Curves”, it belonged to the QA Department, so my 5-month internship at Magna took place in the Quality Assurance Department. I was assigned a mentor who supported me throughout the internship. Our department was responsible for the quality of all input and particularly finished products, preparation of new projects for serial production, metrology and also all internal and customer audits, which were quite abundant.


Would you recommend the internship to other students?

Without doubt. I have to say that I gained much more experience during the 5 months at Magna, than during the previous 12 months I spent in BOSCH DIESEL, which is a much larger company. Since Magna Libáň is a rather smaller plant, there are many more opportunities to experience not only the environment of your own department, but also the logistics or production departments as well. As a newcomer I had my eyes open and I began making suggestions for improvements as soon as my training was finished. We have visited other partner plants of Magna together with two other colleagues who were also interns. We could, therefore, compare the different facilities both in terms of the parts produced, but also in terms of the diversity of production.

For me as an intern (referred to as “Trainee” in Magna) it was also very pleasant and unprecedented that I had a regular employment contract with all the features (wage rate and benefits, 13 days of paid leave, extra payment for overtime, subsidised meals, sharing the benefits for EBIT completion, 13th salary, etc.).



Do you still cooperate with the company? Would you welcome an offer for a graduate position with this company?

After the end of my internship and upon agreement with Magna, I decided not to continue our cooperation because of another offer of further development and education in Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o. At Magna, I could continue working as a part-time intern during my studies or apply for a selection procedure for Customer Assurance. Having considered this carefully, I decided to join TPCA, which is a joint venture of Toyota Motor Corporation and PSA Peugeot Citroën, the companies that have built and now operate the plant in Ovčáry u Kolína. I work there as an expert intern on the position of Quality Assurance/Quality Control. I consider the admission to TPCA as my greatest success so far considering the demanding admission procedure and several dozen candidates for this internship from universities around the Czech Republic.

I would like to advise all students who will do their internship in the following semester to choose the company and department where they want to work carefully. The purpose of this internship is to learn and experience new things. I believe that quality and professional experience and knowledge obtained during the internship is very important for being successful in future job interviews.

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