Intercultural Competence course broadens the knowledge of students about the cultural standards of foreign countries

​The new Intercultural Competence course, which was first taught in the winter semester 2015/2016, has brought new knowledge of the cultural milieu of foreign countries as well as improved German language skills. The new course helps students understand the cultural differences between various nationalities and understand situations that may occur during long-term stays abroad. The students could also test their language skills. The course was introduced as the first specialised course taught in German. The guarantor of the new course is PhDr. Martina Žáčková, who is also the lecturer.

​For the academic year 2016/2016, the Department of Languages and Intercultural Skills prepared a new course taught fully in German. PhDr. Martina Žáčková is responsible for  the lectures as well as the organisation of the new seminar, which consists not only of a range of case studies, but also features two guest lectures by Samuel Weimer, After Sales specialist from ŠKODA AUTO.

The topic of intercultural studies should be of interest to all students who would like to work or study abroad in the future. Samuel Weimer adds: “The course helps students understand problems that may occur when staying abroad and understand that conflicts and misunderstandings do not necessarily come from personal reasons, but can be caused by cultural reasons.” 

Experiencing foreign settings and understanding cultural differences in other countries is also crucial for ŠKODA AUTO University students given the opportunities they have during their studies. For their international experience, students can choose from more more than 35 partner universities around the world or one of the Volkswagen Group companies. The opportunity to study or work abroad is therefore used by more and more students. Currently, 70% of follow-on Master’s degree graduates have at least 6 months of international experience. After graduation, they often try to look for a job in foreign labour markets.

“Understanding the topic of intercultural competence is practically a necessity, because many of our students will work in international companies, which requires not only language skills but also awareness of the cultural milieu of foreign countries and companies. The combination of these skills is a prerequisite for successful employment for anyone who wants to succeed in the labour market in the Czech Republic and abroad,” commented PhDr. Martina Žáčková, the guarantor of the course, on the topic of intercultural competence and management.

The course will also be offered to students in the following academic year, allowing more students to broaden their knowledge of international settings.

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