Graduate of ŠKODA AUTO University - Ing. Ondřej Stejskal

​Ondřej is a graduate of the Bachelor field of study Business Administration and Financial Management and the follow-on Master field of study Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment.

​Your field of study at ŠKODA AUTO University was finance and business. How did you get to your current job in the Department of Strategic Planning in ŠKODA AUTO?
At the beginning of the third semester of my Master’s studies, I had the opportunity to work at ŠKODA AUTO as an assistant to the Head of the Department of Technical Project Management. Despite the fact that I studied a different field and focused mostly on finance, I decided to try working in technical development because I wanted to find our more about how our products were made.
After two years in this position, I was deciding whether to continue working in project management in technical development or try something new. Finally, I transferred to the Strategic Planning Department at the beginning of the year, where I could use most of my knowledge I managed to acquire during my short professional life.

Why did you choose ŠKODA AUTO University for your studies? What caught your interest?
I have always been interested in the automotive industry and regarded ŠKODA AUTO, or the VW Group, as a very interesting potential employer. As for the school, I liked the fact that it is different from other economic institutions in the country. It is smaller, more flexible and with a clear connection to practical experience.

What was the most important thing you brought from ŠKODA AUTO University to your professional life?
It is clear that university students deal with a relatively broad spectrum of expert topics and the practical use of that knowledge depends on the field in which they end up working.
Here, I would like to highlight aspects such as foreign languages, team work or presentation and communication skills.

During your studies, you visited China and the UK to do your internships. What were the main benefits of these internships to your professional life?
In addition to acquiring and improving knowledge in specialised fields, the benefit of international internships lies in expanding your professional horizons and learning intercultural skills. For me, it was an invaluable experience to find out what it means to be a part of one of the world’s most prestigious automotive companies and how ŠKODA AUTO differs from others in the largest automotive market in the world.
Nevertheless, the greatest benefit of staying abroad was that I learned to work in international teams. The ŠKODA team in China was particularly diverse – Czechs, Chinese and Germans as well as French, English and Australian employees. 

Would you consider working abroad in the future, or do you prefer working in the Czech Republic? Do you think there is a difference in work morale between the Czech Republic and other countries?
Yes, I would like to spend a certain part of my professional life abroad. I think that the benefits clearly outweigh any disadvantages both professionally and personally, such as separation from your family and social background in your home country.
As for the second part of the question – I believe that Czechs definitely cannot get lost among other nations!


What do you remember as the best thing about ŠKODA AUTO University?
I think that naming a single thing would be wrong. I liked the fact that the school is quite small, with an almost family feel to it, which allowed for a much more individual approach to the lectures and also had a positive impact on the relationships between academic and students as well as between students themselves.
ŠKODA AUTO University prepared me well for my future occupation, both in terms of theoretical knowledge and the opportunity to experience the corporate reality very early. The choice of a university was one of the most important decisions I ever had to make so far, and I am very glad that I can say if I were to repeat the experience, I would make the same decision.

​20th September 2017. ŠKODA AUTO University is now admitting students for its new MBA programme Global Management in the Automotive Industry. The programme has been prepared in cooperation not only with foreign universities, but also with multinational companies, the Automotive Industry Association and the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  It is a prestigious programme grounded in the context of the automotive industry. Courses will start in December 2017 in the office of the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Wenceslas Square.
Our student Václav Volf travelled to Ingolstadt in Germany to do his compulsory internship in Audi AG. He worked in the Department for Coordination of Fair and Exhibition Vehicles, where he supported the permanent staff in the process of planning vehicles for fairs. He was responsible for this year’s exhibitions in Detroit, New York, Shanghai and partly also for the Frankfurt fair in autumn. You can read the whole report from his stay in Ingolstadt below. 
​Martina comes from Jičín but currently lives in Prague. She completed her follow-on Master’s degree programme at ŠKODA AUTO University in 2014. Right after graduation, Martina started working for Estée Lauder, first in the HR department. She worked her way through marketing to a PR position and currently takes care of promotion of seven world-renowned brands.
She likes to spend her free time doing sports – mostly running, badminton, volleyball and mountain hiking. Also, because of her profession, she likes fashion and design.