Graduate of ŠKODA AUTO University - Ing. Michal Maruška

​Our graduate Michal Maruška works as a coordinator in the Connected Car and Infotainment Department. His internship involved many technical responsibilities. However, in order to further grow professionally, he needed a study programme that focused more on management. For this reason, he chose the Bachelor’s and follow-on Master’s degree programme Business Administration and Operations, both which combine the two fields in an ideal manner.

​Despite his busy work schedule, he tries to spend as much time with his family as possible. His hobbies also include sports – jogging and squash, reading and studying technical developments and innovative approaches.

Your field of study at ŠKODA AUTO University was business operations. Which course was the most useful for your current job?
Project management

Why Project management?
Because my studies at ŠKODA AUTO University were the first time I could expand my knowledge in this field and compare the academic approach to commonly established processes in ŠKODA AUTO.

What do you appreciate the most about your studies at ŠKODA AUTO University?
The opportunity to take a look at my work from a distance and from an academic point of view. People are often blinded by the established processes in the workplace. To a certain extent, this experience opened my eyes to other insights as well.

Your form of study was part-time. Was it difficult to combine your work and study duties?
Yes, it was complicated and I am very proud I was one of the few who managed to do it in the regular term.

Many people believe that part-time study is too demanding – what made you decide to continue studying and what pushed you forward?
At that time, I worked in development where technical know-how was quite abundant. Nevertheless, I felt the need to work on other disciplines from among the soft skills, such as project management, business management and so on. Another important aspect was that university studies were a basic prerequisite for my personal development within ŠKODA AUTO.

What are your responsibilities as connectivity coordinator in ŠKODA AUTO? What are your duties?
It specifically concerns the development of products and features for Škoda cars that allow users to connect mobile devices within the car over a short distance. These include for example bluetooth features for phone calls, sending and receiving messages or playing music, WLAN connection, SmartLink, SmartGat as well as the development of mobile apps for Škoda systems.

Your career life is quite varied – you also worked in Volkswagen AG for six months. How did you like working in a German company?
This was another very important experience for me in terms of new skills I could learn in this new environment. It is still helpful today, especially in terms of good rapport with my counterparts within the VW group , who were at that time my colleagues at the desk next to mine.

Is there any other professional challenge that would be of interest to you?
The entire connectivity team is relatively young and inexperienced. My primary challenge is therefore to help the team to develop, work and manage to build a quality foundation for future tasks. If I manage to achieve this, I believe I will be able to work in this way with a larger team in the future.

You returned to ŠKODA AUTO University for the Infotainment Day, where you presented the latest trends in car electr(on)ics to students. What was it like to return to your alma mater and experience university studies from the other side, that is the lecturer’s point of view?
For me it was very natural. Thanks to the strong interest of the listeners and their active approach and questions, my presentation quickly turned into a natural conversation and telling stories about the projects on which we currently work in the EEC - Connected Car and Infotainment.

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