Experience is priceless – internship at EY

Obligatory or continuous internship at EY? Why not! Adéla Burdová and Jan Breburda talk about their first impressions of the internship.
Internship of Adéla Burdová - “The team here is great!”

What did you have to do in order to get the internship in this company? Was the selection procedure demanding?

First, of course, I had to apply and send my CV. Then I got an e-mail with instructions on completing several online tests – a numerical test, verbal test, abstract thinking test and English language test. It took me about 80 minutes to complete them all and I was surprised how difficult the tests were. Each test contained a substantially larger number of questions than was possible to complete in the tight time limit. (This was emphasised in the instructions, and they were actually serious about it). The first tests often included work with tables and charts. Every question had the option “no correct answer” available. Then I was invited to an interview, which was conducted by two managers (from HR and my future department).


What are your first impressions of this internship? In what department do you work exactly? Is there anything that surprised you about EY?

I work in the Advisory Department – business consultancy and risk management. EY has been forthcoming in terms of combining my studies and the internship and I now work two days a week, or also from home in the evenings (I have a company laptop). Most of my work consists of researching texts, laws, monitoring events in the media, assisting with preparation of documents for quotes and graphic design, creating statistical summaries and tables, etc. The first thing which surprised me was that everyone throughout the company hierarchy is on the first name terms with each other. I was also surprised by the level of data protection – passwords, entry passes and encryption everywhere. Work takes place in open offices, which is something you can get used to quite quickly. Nobody except the managers have a permanent desk, you just pick any desk in the morning. A large portion of company information, instructions and data is in English.


Would you be interested in a job offer with this company after graduation? What company values appeal to you?

If you want to work in such a large multinational company, you need to expect great demands, both in terms of time and stress. My colleagues routinely leave work at 7 or 8 pm. You need to be ready for this. Of course, this is rewarded accordingly through the salary. EY holds numerous events for the employees – training, meetings and trips. The overall atmosphere in the office is very friendly. You can tell the community is great. Whether I will want to work here after graduation or not is a great unknown. First, I will have to win the triathlon consisting of work, school and thesis, pass the state exams and then we’ll see :). I definitely recommend to everyone who has the chance to take this opportunity and try working in such a large company since it provides valuable experience.


Adéla is a student of the second year of Law in the Global Business Environment programme.



Obligatory internship of Jan Breburda - “The interview made me sweat.”

What did you have to do in order to get the internship in this company?

I found the EY internship offer in AIS. I submitted my CV, and they contacted me the next day to arrange an interview and other aspects of the admission process. First, I had to take online tests from home to test my analytical thinking ability and language skills. Then came the actual interview, which was conducted by an HR employee and a senior manager of the Performance Improvement department where I now work. The interview took about half an hour and focused mainly on my future work tasks and focus of the department. However, I also had to answer some questions related to my CV.


Was the selection procedure demanding?

First of all, it was a great challenge and I believe that going through the interview itself with a company of this calibre is an invaluable experience. The analytical online tests were not easy at all, and the time limit was tight. I would say that the language test is similar to the one used at ŠAVŠ to sort students into different levels of English language ability. The interview made me sweat, because most of the questions were not the typical interview questions, but very specific questions related to activities within the department, something you cannot prepare for.


What have your first impressions of this internship been?

I started my internship on 1 September and am already convinced that working here will be a great lesson for me. Although my position within the team is clearly only supportive, the work is very interesting. Despite the substantial workload of all employees, the workplace has a relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps the only thing I am still getting used to is the open office configuration.


Is there anything that surprised you about EY?

I was definitely surprised by the fact that everyone is on the first name terms.


Would you like to work in EY in the future and why?

I would like to review this after I complete my internship, but I believe that yes. The people who work here are professionals and very pleasant. The atmosphere in the office is good and very creative. A big plus is the diversity of work tasks. Every project is specific in some aspect and you will not end up doing the same thing over and over.


What company values appeal to you?

I believe it is important that companies value all their employees. Emphasis should also be placed on clear customer focus. Such companies can be considered solid and interesting.


Jan is currently in his third year of Business Administration and Operations programme.

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