Annual meeting of the JEUL project in Vietnam

​The JEUL project (Joint Enterprise University Learning) continues in 2019. The first meeting took place in January at Banking University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. ŠKODA AUTO University's delegates this year were the Rector Pavel Mertlík, Petr Šulc and Jan Lachman. In addition to the two-day meeting itself, our delegates attended two seminars that followed up on the meeting.

During the main session, the delegates of partner institutions discussed mostly organisational, technical and financial aspects of the project. This was followed by a seminar on the results of a survey in Chinese and Vietnamese companies on cooperation with universities. A sample of 200 manufacturing companies from Vietnam, and the same number from China, inferred interesting conclusions from the surveys.

The European partners will also comment on the survey results. "Our current task is to provide feedback to the Asian universities and focus on processing data from the other side too. We are therefore currently collaborating on a relatively large survey that focuses on the students of Asian universities. We will ask them about their experience in companies," explained Dr. Jan Lachman.

One of the following seminars also discussed the topic of the Virtual Learning Environment, which is one of the topics of the JEUL project. Delegates from UEH, BUH and NUAA presented their experience with using the Moodle platform. A discussion followed, where the delegates from the University of Vilnius mainly presented additional tips for using this virtual learning environment.

The JEUL project focuses on sharing experience in the field of cooperation of higher education with the corporate sector. "For our university, another benefit is that it makes us reflect on our practices in this area," explained the Rector of ŠKODA AUTO University Pavel Mertlík. Our Rector used the opportunity of the Vietnam visit to also expand international cooperation and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Vice President of the University of Economics HCMC (UEH).

Basic information about the JEUL project can be found in our article from March 2018.

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