Andrea Surduková - internship in Magna Libáň

​Our student Andrea listened to the advice of her classmates when choosing her internship. She also visited the Magna company booth at the ŠKODA AUTO University Career Day and she– this was the partner for her six-month internship.

​Even though Magna Libáň was merged into Grupo Antolín, Andrea was very pleased with her internship. Grupo Antolín was satisfied with her performance as well, which is why Andrea is starting a permanent contract with the company in June.


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You chose one of our partner companies – the Magna company in Libáň – for your internship. Why was this partner interesting to you?
Answer: What caught my interest was the offer of several positions in different departments. My co-workers also spoke of this company very highly. The salary was also attractive, of course. One of the last aspects was also the fact that they offered me a summer job, which was something I needed at that time.

Where did you find most of the information about internship opportunities? Did you visit last year’s Career Day?
Answer: The largest source of information was the Career Day, where I could meet the employees of Magna Libáň and students who had taken internships in this company before. I got a lot of useful information.

In which department did you work and what was your job during the internship?
Answer: I worked in Logistics. Initially, I was responsible for preparing documents for a programme change related to packaging flow. However, this transition did not take place in the end, and for the rest of my internship, my task was to design and implement the most convenient locations of empty packaging around the plant. First, I worked on packaging flow data, and then I created outdoor layouts with locations of different empty packaging materials. I later used this as the topic for my Bachelor Thesis.

Last year, Magna Libáň merged with Grupo Antolín – did you feel this change during your internship?
Answer: Yes, because company ownership changed on 1 September 2015, which was the start of my internship. There was a new director, and we also had to replace all office supplies, which had the Magna logo. Our work uniform changed as well.
I was probably not directly affected by the change, but I definitely felt it.

Did you keep in touch with the company after your internship? Do you continue working in the company in the form of an ongoing internship, or do you plan to try working in a different partner company?
Answer: Yes, at the end of my internship, we learned that a colleague from Disposition Procurement is pregnant. I was offered this position on a part-time basis from March to May 2016, starting full-time from June 2016 until the end of the maternity leave of the colleague. I am currently going through training for all the tasks I will perform, and soon I will start working on my own.

A workshop was held between 8th and 12th October 2018 in Siena, Italy, for representatives of JEUL universities.
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​On 26 – 29 March 2018 the JEUL project partners gathered together at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) participating in the project practical workshop.

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