Graduate of ŠKODA AUTO University - Ing. Anna Dolejší

Anna is a graduate of the Bachelor field of study, Business Administration and Sales, and the follow-on Master field of study, Marketing Management in the Global Environment.
During her studies at ŠKODA AUTO University, she managed to travel around the world. She studied in Vienna, did her internship at AUDI in Germany and in China at FAW. She is currently working in the department Product & Price, Region China & Hongkong in German AUDI AG.

Question: Your field of study at ŠKODA AUTO University was Marketing Management in the Global Environment. What did you like most about your studies? Did you make use of the course content in real life?
Even in hindsight, I appreciate the helpfulness of the school and most of my teachers. If a student had good results and determination, it was possible to arrange individual study conditions, for example, a special examination date due to a delayed return from an internship or enrolling in more courses than allowed by the credit distribution. In this way, I could do my internship the next semester without having to extend the period of study by one semester. At the same time, these arrangements did not compromise the quality, meaning no parts of the curriculum were omitted.

Both at work and in my personal life, I already found some of the knowledge I learned in courses at ŠKODA AUTO University useful. I tend to use more often what I had learned from the field of international sales. My knowledge of intercultural marketing is tested every day with my colleagues from China and Hong Kong and I have to admit that I have a very good foundation thanks to my studies.

Question: Your studies included several international internships – you studied in Vienna and worked in AUDI AG and FAW in China. Which country did you like the most in terms of work and studying?
I enjoyed Vienna the most in terms of student life and culture. In Germany I began to like my future employer. In Sweden I discovered a pleasant alternative to the German work style and personal life, and due to my time in China, I have many curious and funny stories to tell.

Question: Do you have any advice for present students as far as internships or studies are concerned? What should they keep in mind?
Do not be afraid and keep on trying more demanding tasks. People are usually capable of achieving much more than they think they can. Apply what you have learned from your studies fully. You will always get the benefits back in the end.

Question: Your brother is currently also studying at ŠKODA AUTO University. Did you give him any tips before he started here?
No, he did not want or need any. He wanted to go his own way, to find and build everything by himself. And he has managed that just perfectly, I am proud of him.

Question: You currently work in Germany in Audi AG. How did you get this job? In what department do you work?
It was an offer from my internship supervisor in Changchun. He recommended me for a new position in the sales department for China and Hong Kong. Now, I am in charge of product marketing and prices of some Audi models.

Question: What do you like the most about working in AUDI?
Meaningful and diverse work tasks with visible results. A warm and international team. And great cars that incite the same enthusiasm in our customers as they do in us.

Question: You have published several articles together with academics from our school. Did you ever consider a career in academic education?
Yes, I did consider this option for a while. I felt the full support of some of the academics at ŠKODA AUTO University. However, I believe practical work suits me better. It feels more natural to me.

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