Bentley Motors Internship - Pavel Berežný

Each year a bunch of students from our university is chosen and sent to Bentley Motors in order to do our internship abroad and gain some valuable experience.
I was lucky to be one of them. I started my internship on 25th August 2014 and finished on 23rd January 2015. First of all, I would like to mention something about Bentley as a brand and its vision. Everyone in the automotive industry should know that this is a luxury brand that creates handcrafted, high performance cars. There are three essential elements: the power of the vehicles, their exquisite craftsmanship and the potential for truly individual cars. Bentley‘s vision is to become the most successful luxury car brand in the world. There are about 4000 employees in Bentley who are really proud of their luxury performance brand.

Because of the announcement on the notice board in our academic information system I knew that the internship was related to the purchasing department of the company. This department has a huge open office where more than 100 people constantly doing business in many different ways. It can get very noisy and busy too. As a department purchasing is very important. It plays a crucial role when the company is considering purchasing all kinds of things such as car parts, services, etc. I have to say I never worked in purchasing before and the challenge to do so in a company with a great reputation was very tempting for me.

The very first day I was introduced to my colleagues within the team and after that I was brought straight to my tasks. I worked in the General Purchase team which is a bit different from the rest of the teams. Despite being in the same office, the buyers in General Purchase do not buy any car parts but services and equipment for the company.
Each team member was very nice and kind to me. Besides that, the work pace in Bentley is not fast and there is barely any stress around. There was a little bit of a rush before the end of the year but everyone seemed to be patient and always willing to help.

My tasks in the team were quite interesting. The most common task was to process purchase order requisitions in Workflow up to the amount of £ 40,000 and checking the vendor details, price, quantity, etc. Telephone and e-mail communication with the internal customers was necessary during this whole process. My other job was to carry out Emergency Transport. The main task in this process was to send out a request for the transportation of urgently needed parts to all registered providers. After receiving the quotes, it was important to get in touch with the person, who requested this transport and choose a company that will proceed with the request for transport according to the company demands.

Furthermore, I also helped with land transport. This concerns moving a vehicle around for many reasons such as testing, customer delivery or a motor show. During my placement I was also assigned to attend LSC meetings where all major projects over the value £ 40.000 are discussed and nominated. My task was to attend this meeting every Thursday morning in order to write down all the detailed information about the project (budget, internal customer, EH rating, nominated costs, etc.). My intention was to experience a larger project. A study of a flexible roof for the Continental GTC Convertible was one of my projects. I participated in a meeting of this project, contacted potential suppliers abroad and after consultation with development engineers we were able to choose the most suitable candidate for this study.

The internship is of course not just about work. As you live in a foreign country you get very curious about what is around you. You can devote your free time to travelling. I have managed to visit Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and my favourite capital in Europe - London. In each city you will find many interesting places where to go and what to do. I would like to point out, that even if you live in Crewe which is not a very picturesque town, there is an excellent rail connection to other cities. Another great thing is that you are surrounded by other interns in Bentley. Each week you can go to a party, go to the cinema or just grab some beer with your mates.

Over all, I can honestly say that I really enjoyed my internship at Bentley. I gained a lot of experience and I saw how the purchasing department in the automotive industry works. I was also allowed to participate in important meetings where exorbitant cost contracts were discussed and nominated. For the whole period of my internship, I did not face any unpleasant situation. Another advantage was having knowledge about the processes within the VW concern company. I also feel, that my business English communication skills has improved greatly. To sum up my report I would definitely recommend the internship at Bentley Motors as it is a brilliant experience which will enrich everyone’s personality and will never be forgotten.

Our student Václav Volf travelled to Ingolstadt in Germany to do his compulsory internship in Audi AG. He worked in the Department for Coordination of Fair and Exhibition Vehicles, where he supported the permanent staff in the process of planning vehicles for fairs. He was responsible for this year’s exhibitions in Detroit, New York, Shanghai and partly also for the Frankfurt fair in autumn. You can read the whole report from his stay in Ingolstadt below. 
​Martina comes from Jičín but currently lives in Prague. She completed her follow-on Master’s degree programme at ŠKODA AUTO University in 2014. Right after graduation, Martina started working for Estée Lauder, first in the HR department. She worked her way through marketing to a PR position and currently takes care of promotion of seven world-renowned brands.
She likes to spend her free time doing sports – mostly running, badminton, volleyball and mountain hiking. Also, because of her profession, she likes fashion and design.
​Viktor Myslil, a graduate of our Bachelor’s degree programme Business Administration and Operations, comes from Prague. His passion for ŠKODA AUTO cars made him decide to study in Mladá Boleslav. He also wanted to try something different than all his other classmates.
​I have been dreaming about living in a foreign country since I was small child. This wish made ŠAVS more appealing during my “university selection period” because I learned, thanks to their Open Day and a visit from the ŠAVŠ PR Department to my high school, that this school offers a lot of possibilities to study and complete internships abroad, the latter which is important in one’s future career. When I got the opportunity to spend my mandatory internship abroad, I did not hesitate a single moment. After my Study Erasmus in Slovenia, I left to spend another semester in Dublin, Ireland to work with Škoda’s Irish importer.
Mladá Boleslav is the hometown of our graduate Ing. Ivan Vaněk, who currently works for the British luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors Ltd., where he undertook his six-month internship as a student of ŠKODA AUTO University.
​Our graduate Michal Maruška works as a coordinator in the Connected Car and Infotainment Department. His internship involved many technical responsibilities. However, in order to further grow professionally, he needed a study programme that focused more on management. For this reason, he chose the Bachelor’s and follow-on Master’s degree programme Business Administration and Operations, both which combine the two fields in an ideal manner.
​Ondřej is a graduate of the Bachelor field of study Business Administration and Financial Management and the follow-on Master field of study Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment.
​Our student Andrea listened to the advice of her classmates when choosing her internship. She also visited the Magna company booth at the ŠKODA AUTO University Career Day and she– this was the partner for her six-month internship.
I would recommend an internship to everyone. It is a great way to discover yourself, plus you get to learn the language and customs and most of all, it is an unforgettable experience.
Martin Dolejší, student of our Master Programme Global marketing and Sales, spend quite a lot of time abroad whilst studying at our university. Now he has three different experiences abroad: studies in Finland, internship at ŠKODA AUTO UK and also the prestigous programme, Global Village, in the USA. You can read the interview we did with Martin to see what he learnt and how he assesses his stays abroad.


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