manufactus GmbH

​manufactus GmbH was founded in 2003 and is located in Starnberg (Germany), designing and developing innovative KANBAN software solutions to optimize production and logistic processes.

Our goal is to supply an electronic Kanban system (e-Kanban) to support internal production processes, optimize the supply chain and to enable our customers to improve their PULL system continuously. Hereby we strongly support the principles of Lean Manufacturing, Kanban and the Toyota Production System.

Our flagship product IKS (Integrated Kanban System) includes a series of software modules to support manual Kanban systems and to realize electronic Kanban processes. IKS is one of the leading e-Kanban systems worldwide and is continuously improved by the customers’ requirements.

manufactus GmbH offers all the required services to support its customers at the software implementation like workshops by defining processes and requirements, software installation, training, customizing and after sales services to optimize the customer processes continuously.

Additionally, we are able to help companies to realize Lean principles and Kanban systems together with our partners.

Our strengths are in high flexibility to customer requirements, with full service supporting our customers during the projects and our long-time experiences in KANBAN. 

manufactus GmbH would like to share all practical knowledge of supply chain with new generations of logistic professionals and support them in their future career.

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