Internship description:

​In collaboration with the HR department of Škoda Auto a.s. and partners abroad it has been possible to send students for 6-12 months internships in countries outside of the EU.

The most popular destinations include those which have VW Group operations, particularly China, India and Russia.
Students are part of working teams and after initial training and familiarisation of the workplace they are able to work on individual tasks and projects with the guidance of supervisors.


The skills and knowledge acquired during these placements are invaluable for the future careers of out students and many go on to find employment in the VW Group in the Czech Republic and abroad.



Partner companies outside the EU:

VW Shanghai​
VW Beijing ​
Audi, Changchun​
​India  ​
VW Pune​
SAIPL Aurangabad​
​Russia ​
VW Rus, Moscow​