Studying in Prague

Basic information about studying in Prague

Starting from the academic year 2016/2017, you can apply for studies also at our Prague branch – in the Unicorn College building, V Kapslovně, Prague 3.

The first open field of study is the follow-on Master’s programme Business Administration and Operations (more about the field of study). You can apply for full-time or part-time study. In addition to courses focusing on optimisation and simulation of production and technology systems, progressive methods of preparation and management of production, students of Business Administration and Operations in Prague can also select courses focused specifically on information technology and obtain the ICT specialist certificate.

Students at our Prague branch will have the same study benefits as students in Mladá Boleslav!

A new optional course Professional Internship in the follow-on Master’s programme!

An internship of three months during the summer period before the summer and winter semester teaching period will increase your chances in the job market! You can take your internship not only within ŠKODA AUTO and our partner companies in the Czech Republic, but also in foreign partners with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. Choose one of more than 35 partner universities or one of the Volkswagen group companies!

Why complete a Master’s degree with us?

The benefits include a nearly 100 percent chance of international mobility stay, not only under the Erasmus+ programme. ŠAVŠ continues to work intensively on expanding the network of partner universities and companies. We are also preparing new contracts for Double Degree programmes, that should make the process of obtaining parallel degrees in the Czech Republic and abroad more straightforward.
Attractive overseas study and internship opportunities sponsored by ŠKODA AUTO University (the prestigious Global Village programme at Lehigh University in the USA, studies at Tongji University in China, etc.) are first offered to students of the follow-on Master’s degree programmes.
Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programmes with an average grade of 3.0 can use the offer of a special scholarship of CZK 4000/semester for the follow-on Master’s degree programme at ŠKODA AUTO University!
ŠKODA AUTO and other corporate partners consistently offer our graduating Master’s students highly attractive jobs positions. One of the offers might be the right one for you!
As job offers for students of Master’s degree programmes expand, the option to change the mode of study from full-time to part-time (or vice versa) will remain so that students are able to accept full-time job offers.
You can obtain a special certificate after completing a comprehensive set of optional courses with a common topic. You can get the ICT specialist certificate in Prague!
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