Remedial mathematics course

Remedial mathematics course for students entering the first year at the university

This intensive remedial course is intended for university students entering the first year of study programme and want to improve their level of secondary school mathematics. The course will provide the foundation for further studies of mathematics during their studies.  Furthermore it will allow students from differing secondary school backgrounds to be at the same level.


General Information
The course will commence in September 2015 and in total there will be 30 lessons for the reasonable price of CZK 2 400. Further details about the course (harmonogram) you can download here
Binding application form you can download here.
Course Payment Information

The course fee of CZK 2 400 is to be paid to account 2108726654/2700, it is necessary to write the variable symbol: 92015. Please include your name and surname in the field message for the recipient. The payment must be done till 28. 08. 2015.   

Course outline

 The following topics will be included in the course:

 Basics of set theory and mathematical logic
 Basics of algebra, power, square roots and expressions
Elementary functions
 Equations and inequalities - linear, quadratic, irrational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric
 Vector algebra and analytic geometry


Course literature will be recommended by the lecturer.

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