ŠKODA AUTO University has a student scholarship programme awarded on the basis of academic merit in both the bachelor’s and follow-on master’s degree programmes in the Czech language.
Students who are awarded scholarships receive free tuition for the entire standard period of their full-time studies of the corresponding study programme.  Which means 3.5 years in the bachelor’s degree and 2 years in follow-on  master’s degree.
The scholarship decision is made by a committee appointed by the Rector of ŠKODA Auto University and the results of the committee will be annouced to the applicants before enrolment.
Deadline for submitting applications
- no later than 31. 5. 2019 for those applicants, who apply for Bachelor`s study program starting in WS 2019/2020
- no later than 13. 6. 2019 for those applicants, who apply for follow-up Master`s study program starting in WS 2019/2020
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