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Our mission: Modern education in schools and beyond! We facilitate the educational process of children...

We want the world to be a better place. Our role in this is to improve the situation in the education and development of children. We want to achieve this by trying to change the way a substantial part of the society understands goals, content, forms, course and tools in the education of children and to facilitate desirable changes so that together with youngsters they will be better prepared to live a good and happy life in the second half of the 21st century.

Scio intends to be perceived as an independent authority, initiator and bearer of changes in the education and development of children.

Scio wants to be the one to point out issues and shape the opinions of others while offering solutions.

How it all began


Scio was founded in 1996. At the beginning there was an idea of Mr Ondřej Šteffl. It was inspired by his experience from the USA: create professional tests for admission exams. The company started as a startup with two people and despite the rather conservative attitude and distrust of Czech schools, it slowly managed to make them understand that educational assessment is a distinctive field with professional standards, methodologies and technologies of its own. Secondary schools began to use the tests in their admission exams, universities adopted them later on as well. In a decade, "Scio tests" have become such a strong phenomenon that it started to be reflected in everyday language.
Currently, Scio cooperates with Czech schools throughout several dozen projects; the results of our analyses are mostly used to improve the quality of education. However, over time, the range of services and products has expanded into entirely new dimensions (see Learning for Life: Parallel Education).


Innovation first, because change is a permanent condition


The first innovation that Scio introduced in the Czech education was the General Academic Prerequisites Test which presented a new dimension for evaluating the learning outcomes based not only on what the children have learned at school, but also on the prerequisites they have for education. The ability to innovate in education, compared to other fields of human activity, is clearly insufficient, as education rather tends to comply with trends that have played a major role in other fields for a long time. We see the need for change, although any change is surprisingly difficult to accept due to the deep-rooted ideas concerning education. For the time being, Our mission states that change is a permanent condition and we stand by this statement.


Education for Life: Parallel Education


Education, compulsory in particular, ceases to fulfil the expectations, without the awareness of those, who are responsible for it for the sake of their children. These are not the schools or the state, it is the parents. We have persistently pointed out that, by far, education does not take place only at schools but on the contrary, a larger and larger portion of education occurs outside schools and their control. It happens throughout our entire life. School still has its irreplaceable role in the lives of children, but it does not cover education entirely. We want to show parents the importance of such education taking place outside the school, and to offer specific solutions. Scio is not only about tests. Scio is parallel education.


Our achievements and interesting projects reviews of the educational potential and risks of videogames- freely available and open to parent discussions. consultation and support for parents of children that are about to start first grade or are already in primary school- how to choose extracurricular activities, expert advice and more.

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