M. Preymesser logistics, spol. s.r.o.

​M.Preymesser logistika, spol. s r.o. is a logistics services company. Our services provide full logistic support to automotive companies (OEM, TIER 1) as well as other industries.

The Preymesser group owns and operates more than 647,000 m2 of logistics and production space in Europe, with 80,000 m2 located in the Czech Republic.


M.Preymesser has its own team of IT specialists who work on development and management of proprietary software applications, supported by more than 50 years of experience in logistics. Our team of experts can design and develop software solutions tailored to specific needs of each project.


The company has three branches in the Czech Republic: Řepov, Jičín and Lipovka. The primary activities of our branches consist of:


  • Deconsolidation / crossdocking
  • JIS/JIT delivery
  • Transport and forwarding
  • Chemicals and ADR goods
  • Steel storage
  • Consignment stocks
  • Kan – ban delivery
  • IT services
  • Input material flow
  • Sorting, inspection and Quality Wall
  • Customs services
  • JIS assembly and pre-assembly
  • Supply for production lines
  • CKD/SKD operations
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