ACBSP Accredation

Logo akreditace ACBSP In 2014, ŠKODA AUTO University successfully completed the accreditation process of the American Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, obtaining the prestigious institutional ACBSP accreditation under all of its standards and criteria.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a leading, specialised accreditation association for business administration education. It promotes, recognises and rewards excellent education quality. The association highlights the benefits of excellence in education and emphasises that students must learn how to learn.

ACBSP accredits programmes focused on business and accounting at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level worldwide. ACBSP was recognised by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in 2001 and again in 2011 and was the first accreditation association offering specialised accreditation of business studies at all levels. ACBSP promotes continuous improvement and recognises outstanding quality through the accreditation of business education across the globe.

The accreditation process takes at least 18 months. If an institution is unable to complete the accreditation process within five years, it is excluded from the assessment. ŠKODA AUTO University was accepted as a member of ACBSP in November 2012 and the accreditation decision was delivered in 2014, meaning the accreditation process took two years. It was among the shortest. The speed of the process proves the ŠKODA AUTO’s high level of preparation in terms of compliance with the highest standards of quality higher education at a global level.

ACBSP accreditation is clearly beneficial both for the students and graduates of ŠKODA AUTO University, adding a new dimension to their education and opening a path to other markets beyond Europe.

1. Application for accreditation evaluation including the nomination of a sponsor.
2. Assigning a mentor.
3. Document preparation for preliminary visit of the institution.
4. Developing the accreditation plan.
5. Once a mentor is recommended and approved by the accreditation director, the institution is ready for internal analysis.
6. Developing the intent to submit the internal analysis form.
7. The intent to submit the internal analysis form must be submitted by 1st October for the January deadline or by 1st April for the August deadline.
8. ACBSP assigns a team for the evaluation visit of the institution.
9. Evaluators receive the internal analysis at least four weeks before visiting the institution.
10. A consensual interview. The mentor and assigned commissioner are invited to attend the interview with the evaluators.
11. The team visits the university campus. Within two weeks after the visit, the team of evaluators submits a report to the ACBSP.
12. Institutional response – the findings of the team are first checked for completeness by the ACBSP then submitted for commenting to the president of the institution.
13. Board of commissioners evaluates the internal analysis, the evaluators’ report and the institutional response.
14. The course of action of the board of commissioners is communicated to the institution immediately after the meeting. (Comments, conditions, postponement.)
15. Accredited institutions are awarded at an annual conference.

„ŠKODA AUTO University employs a phenomenal strategy, unique study programmes with clear links from the Bachelor to the Master level, provided by a team of highly qualified academic staff. The strong link to the industry represents a major competitive advantage of ŠKODA AUTO University.“ Dr. Farah Zakery, Chairwoman of the ACBSP Accreditation Committee of ŠKODA AUTO University

Doc. Ing.

Pavel Štrach, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

programme director of MBA studies,
official ACBSP mentor and evaluator
since 2010


Lenka Stejskalová, MBA

Vice-Rector for international Affairs at ŠKODA AUTO University, ACBSP mentor and evaluator since 2015